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Joshua Taffet LCSW

Hello and Welcome! I’m Josh Taffet, a licensed psychotherapist. I'm thrilled you've taken this courageous step in claiming a better "You". Since earning my Masters in Social Work at NYU, I have helped hundreds of adults and couples cultivate the tools necessary to lead a more meaningful and freer life. Whether you struggle with anxiety, depression, LGBT issues, self-esteem, relationship issues, or generally want to improve your emotional well-being, I am confident our partnership will help you achieve your goals.

My style is warm, empathic and collaborative. I aim for all my clients to feel completely heard and understood, without judgment. Our "safe space" is the catalyst for growth, healing and transformation. My primary therapeutic technique is Rogerian therapy, also known as Person-centered therapy, and I incorporate CBT and other modalities when appropriate.

My ultimate purpose is to empower you to become your own therapist, of sorts; that way, you can conquer whatever life throws at you, anywhere, anytime. I am confident that our partnership will help you lead a freer, more vibrant & fulfilling life!

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